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A Different Debate 2016. - 791 Words

A Different Debate 2016 In this year’s two thousand sixteen presidential debate, our candidates for the two thousand sixteen through two thousand twenty president of the United States are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They both bring something to the table. I wonder who will win. Who has the best argument, and who actually makes a valid point? Hillary Clinton made some real valid points within her debate against Trump. From questioning if he will show us his tax reports, unto questioning his temperament. During the debate Secretary Clinton talked about what plans she had and how she would change our economy. She explained herself well with minor rambling and trying her best to stay on topic. I say â€Å"trying† only because, Mr. Trump was a real hassle during the debate, from going over the given two minute window to state his argument, unto him cutting off and speaking over Secretary Hinton and the mediator, Mr. Lester Holt. For example, the first question was â€Å" ..How are you a bet ter choice than your opponent to create kind jobs that will put more money in the pockets of American works?† Hillary then responds with great confidence and understanding of the question. She starts with including her granddaughter, â€Å"..Today is my granddaughter’s birthday, so I think about this a lot.† So, she starts with a pathos statement to draw in here crowd, then proceeds in telling us what her plan is, â€Å"I want us to invest in you. I want us to invest in your future. That means jobs inShow MoreRelatedThe Election Of Our New President1164 Words   |  5 Pagesfor? The debate for the election of our new president, for 2016, has been one of the most unbalanced political disputations in history. From having a wealthy businessman known for being famously irrational to a Jewish candidate being the first to be nominated in a presidential discussion, the 2016 presidential debate has certainly made history in our nation. From the first debate on August 6, 2015, held by the republicans in Cleveland, Ohio, I instantly had a perception that the 2016 debate was goingRead MoreReview : Neanderthal Chefs Spiced Up Their Diet963 Words   |  4 PagesBrahic, Catherine. Neanderthal Chefs Spiced Up Their Diet. New Scientist 226.3017 (2015): . Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.. This article Neandertal Chef’s Spiced up Their Diet debates what Neandertals ate in their daily life. Karen Hardy with the University of Barcelona found remnants of camomile in the teeth of a 50,000 year old skeleton in Spain. She debates whether the herbs in the teeth eaten were consumed for medicinal properties. Animals eat plants for medicinal properties and researchersRead MoreThe Melting Pot That It Is Made Up Of Many Types Of People That Have Different Political Priorities Essay985 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican being the melting pot that it is, is made up of many different types of people that have different political priorities. During an election year, these priorities are discussed even more often and more heatedly. Newscasters light this debate fire daily, as do politicians. Some of these issues are absolutely essential to the American political life and should be discussed and evaluated in order to make America great. Even when parties are on opposite sides o f an issue, they can agreeRead MoreVisiting The Seabrook Park Mural Essay1639 Words   |  7 Pagesdebated in this year’s election, both with the North Carolina Governor’s race and the Presidential race. Two issues which came to mind while I was visiting the Seabrook Park Mural was one on the House Bill 2 (HB2) law, which was passed on March 23, 2016, and the issue brought up in the Presidential election on immigration and the building of the boarder wall. It all started with a visit to the Seabrook Park Mural for our assignment. I was enjoying all of the great artwork on the mural but continuedRead MoreThe Development Of Organizational Policies1747 Words   |  7 Pagespolicy and planning administrator in the Office of the Superintendent at the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) district. The interview with Mr. Vernosh took place on July 28, 2016. Mr. Alexandra is a policy development administrator with the Saint Paul City, Minnesota. The interview with Mr. Alexandra took place on July 28, 2016. The SPPS District has a population of 39,241 students enrolled in 58 schools across the district ( The majority of the students are AsianRead MoreImmigration Is The Act Of Movement Of The United States1501 Words   |  7 Pageswhen it comes to the general election (mostly the 2008 Obama elections to date) (Rowland 528-547, 2013). In 2008, the John McCain and Obama presidential debate was shaped primarily by the immigration rules and opinions that the contestant had for the endeavors of the United States capacity to bring in more immigrants. The debate scheduled the fight for and the decline of citizenship to the populations already in the U.S (Laidler and Turek, 2014). It was and has always been a tricky subjectRead MoreAnalysis Of Donald J. Trump1035 Words   |  5 PagesDonald J. Trump By Rong Rong Political Science 001 CRN #72154 Professor Uranga November 17, 2016 Introduction I chose to write about candidate Donald J. Trump because his idea of improving economics, creating more job opportunities and diminishing the gap between classes is favored by a large number of people in middle class and lower class, who are important forces during the election. Not believing in the American Dream claimed by Obama any longer, these people want to see something solid and practicalRead MoreThe Election Of The Presidential Election Essay1493 Words   |  6 PagesAs an international student, this is my first time witnessing the process of the presidential election here in the United States. Based on how people behave and converse, I have realized that it was crucial to vote in the 2016 presidential election. This year, America had two of the most controversial candidates competing for the presidency. Donald Trump ran under the Republican Party while Hillary Clinton ran under the Democratic Party. Because most people had strong feelings toward each candidateRead MoreAbo rtion Is A Or Medical Removal Of An Embryo1659 Words   |  7 Pagesuntil birth. The issue of abortion has been the subject of debate for several decades. Religions in Australia have influenced attitudes and laws with regards to this issue in the past. Are the attitudes and involvement of Australian religions in the abortion debate still relevant and do they make a difference? Abortion is a surgical or medical removal of an embryo or a fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy (Dictionary, 2016). Abortion in Australia has always been regulated by stateRead MorePluto Lost Its Status : Pluto And Pluto1308 Words   |  6 PagesTopic 7; What is a name? In 2006 Pluto lost its status as a planet (of our solar system) after a heated scientific debate that had gone on for years. What were the events leading up to Pluto’s demotion? Why was there a problem and why was it such a big deal? What are the implications for the future of other planets in our solar system? Introduction The main focus of this paper will be focused on the impact of the demotion of Pluto and what implications this has for future planets. Pluto was discovered

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The Roman And Roman Empire - 1068 Words

The Roman Empire, which was centered in the city of Rome, was the most extensive western civilization of ancient times. With its major advancements and prosperity it is hard to believe that the Roman Empire suddenly collapsed and fell into a time known as the Dark Ages. After a period of struggles for the Roman Empire, the empire gradually fell. Rome was the most successful civilization of its time. Its strategic location in the center of the Italian Peninsula and the fertile plains that supported the growing empire allowed Rome to thrive. The Romans were able to turn the Italian city state into a large empire. A very well organized army insured their success. Soldiers were paid, giving them the ambition to fight. Conquered lands were also redistributed to the soldiers. The Romans used foreign military techniques, such as Greek techniques, to their advantage. The Roman army was successful and used their victories to their advantage. They treated their enemies with generosity but also firmness. Their most successful achievement, however, was their advanced system of government. The Roman Republic was a system of government that divided power among two consuls, the senate and the plebeian army. Here came the idea of a representative democracy, which would thrive for over 450 year. By that time, the republic had spread its control throughout the mediterranean sea and as far as Britain. Beginning with the Republic’s Twelve Tables, law would develop over years into a legalShow MoreRelatedThe Roman Of Roman Empire Essay1234 Words   |  5 Pages The Roman scutum was a large body shield used in battles, sieges, and gladiator fights. The scutum was used from the early Roman Republic until the third century CE and helped to define many of the Roman battle tactics that made them so successful. The curved, semi-cylindrical design provided full-body protection and was especially used in the testudo formation during sieges. The Roman Scutum is a perfect example of the military genius of the Roman Legion. The Roman Empire was created from theRead MoreThe Roman Empire And The Romans1815 Words   |  8 PagesIn Roman history, it is often true that history was written by the victors, and given the large expansion of the Roman Empire, the Romans likely wrote over the accounts of the civilizations they took over, adapting the new provinces into their way of life and assimilating Roman culture into new facets of outlying territories way of life. The Roman Empire and Augustus had the ambition to expand north, going east of the Rhine where they had never gone, to take over new territory and the tribes thatRead MoreRoman Culture And The Roman Empire774 Words   |  4 PagesRoman Culture The Roman Empire is among the greater ancient civilizations known to man. In 753 B.C. Rome at one point consisted of The Rhine River to Egypt and from Asia Minor to Britain accumulating some 2 millions square miles. This essay goes over some of their culture and the great strides made throughout 753 BC to 27 BC and from 64 AD to 1453 A.D. I. Military The Roman military focused on teamwork and making their soldiers brave throughout their training. The Equitatus played a major role inRead MoreRoman Empire1506 Words   |  7 Pages  The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors, and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The 500 year old republic which preceded it was severely destabilized in a series of civil wars and political conflict, during which Julius Caesar was appointed as perpetual dictator and then assassinated in 44 BC. Civil wars and executions continued, culminating in the victoryRead MoreThe Roman Empire1469 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Roman Empire. The Roman way of life and â€Å"Pax Romana† set up a standard of what defined civilization great. However, what was it that made the Roman life great? Was it the rules, the system of government, the virtues of the people? I believe what made the Romans so mighty was a blessing from God due to the outpouring revival of their hearts. However, to fully understand how their hearts were revived for Christ and how God had His hand on them we must take a look at the past of the Romans AfterRead MoreRoman Empire871 Words   |  4 PagesThe Roman Empire is known as one of the greatest empires of all time, blossoming politically, economically, and culturally. Rome was quickly expanding, reaching as far as North Africa. When Octavian came into power, the Pax Romana, or â€Å"Roman Peace,† began. However, this long peace may have triggered the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire. Because Rome was not distracted by conquering foreign lands, its citizens relaxed and lived in luxury. There did not seem to be any goals they did notRead MoreRoman Republic And The Roman Empire1146 Words   |  5 Pages Roman Military The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire together lasted for over one-thousand years,and at its height, their extensive territories stretched from the Atlantic Ocean in the West, to the rivers of Mesopotamia in the East, and from the Sahara desert in the South, to the River Rhine in Northern Europe. The one factor that made this spectacular feat possible was the exploits of the Roman Military. The military had succeeded in their expansion campaigns and had successfully defendedRead MoreRoman Cinema And The Roman Empire951 Words   |  4 Pages The Roman citizens experienced a mental shift through their leaders creating a new type of theatrical arts. Romans created religious festivals and other forms of theatrical entertainment (Ludi such as chariot races and fights between men or gladiators. Constantine professed Christianity in the Roman Empire creating Rome to become a Christian empire. Through this adaptation we see theatre change through the influence of society through Christianity. Although Constantine did not create this mentalRead MoreRoman Religion And The Roman Empire1799 Words   |  8 PagesThe Roman Empire is one of the most well-known countries in recorded history. And this is primarily because it continues to awe people via it s architecture, military, art, philosophy, and technology. But one of the greatest footprints Ancient Rome has left for us to study and admire is its culture. As in any society, culture in the Roman Empire was of great importance. The Romans had many beliefs, behaviors, and customs, b ut one of the things that stood out the most in their culture was their religionRead MoreThe Roman Empire1551 Words   |  7 PagesStep 1: Plan What kind of technology in the Roman Empire affect its growth the most? I will be investigating from the start of the Roman Empire in 753 BCE to when the Western Roman Empire fell in 476 CE. This investigation will have a broad scope while investigating and include things from the Roman Legion to aqueducts and concrete. This investigation will not include technology that was not widely used to better the Roman Empire. The research question will answer my question by conducting research

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Media Portrayal of Blacks in an Ever-Changing Society Free Essays

string(30) " and petty criminal activity\." They are ingrained In our minds In some form or another, and many times are subconscious. Tolerance is the 21st century answer to this issue, UT that was not always the case, even In the media, an establishment Intended to entertain the public as a whole. This paper will discuss the following question: why is priming still used to stereotype black culture In American media when we live in a time where egalitarian norms have made it unfavorable to appear prejudiced? In essence. We will write a custom essay sample on Media Portrayal of Blacks in an Ever-Changing Society or any similar topic only for you Order Now I want to understand why the media still portrays blacks to fit their historical stereotypes, even though we live In a colliding nation. It is an important question because this stereotyping contradicts the values and beliefs of the majority of American citizens and the way we want to advance as an open-minded society. History of Stereotyping To begin answering this question, we must first look at the history of how black stereotypes were used in the media, beginning with entertainment. Nineteenth and early twentieth century plays featured black characters, played by white actors, and usually took the part of a few major stereotypes: the caretaker, or black woman who took care of household chores of whites, the Incompetent buffoon who had difficulty assimilating in a white society because of his stupidity, and the aggressive and sordidly black who disrupted the peaceful white society (Dixon). More often than not, these stereotypes fit the culture of the south rather than the north, simply because of geographic and economic factors. Even In literature. Blacks were portrayed as dimwitted, lazy creatures that lacked morals and standards (Wilson). One of the most famous ways blacks were portrayed in the media In the nineteenth and twentieth century was the application of black makeup to white actors, who acted as one of the aforementioned roles in performances. â€Å"Blackjack† as It was allied, was used up to World War l, when black actors began taking the stage, although limited to the roles they could play (Blatant). Up until the sass’s, blacks were still heavily stereotyped in the media. This early priming set the stage for new mediums to depict these stereotypes, mainly in television and advertising. Blacks in Advertising We are now able to look at how priming was and still is used in television advertising, beginning in the offs when television became a mass medium. Although we sometimes do not realize it, stereotypical advertisements are quite prevalent in days media. Take one look at Aunt Jimmie. The Infamous maple syrup lady. She clearly represents the â€Å"mamma† stereotype; a polite, calm, down home southern maid who merrily lives to serve others. The marketers goal Is to prime us to Imagine a 1 OFFS sweet tempered mother Teller serving us Dreariest when we think AT pancakes Ana maple syrup. Quaker Oats is not the only conglomerate that is priming us with stereotypes through advertisements. Before the black civil rights movement, it was commonplace in the south to call an older black man â€Å"uncle† as a sign of disrespect Weatherperson). Uncle Ben’s rice products feature a grinning elderly black man with a suit and a bow tie. Uncle Ben represents the stereotypical post-civil War well dressed subservient attendant who catered to the every wish of his white overseer. In this instance, the advertisers of Uncle Ben’s Rice Bowls prime the public to believe we are being served by Uncle Ben because the meal is quick easy to make. Based on stereotypes we have learned throughout our lives, this image and label strengthens our predispositions, and makes us think of the black elderly servant that Uncle Ben is meant to be. It is not Just fictional characters illustrated as logos that prime us to think of black stereotypes when exposed to advertising. Frito-Lay, Storage, and even MAT are among dozens of corporations that prime its audiences to assume black stereotypes with their messages. Argued as one of the funniest commercials in the 2010 Superpower, the infamous Traitors commercial was perceived by many people as stereotyping blacks and black culture. In the commercial, a black man walks into his date’s house, where an attractive black woman answers the door, saying that she will e ready soon. She introduces him to her young child, who is playing video games. When his date turns and walks into the next room, the man obviously stares at the woman’s buttocks in admiration, and picks up a Traitor from the boys bowl. Upon seeing both of these actions, the little boy slaps the man across the face, and says, â€Å"Keep your hands off my mama, and keep your hands off my Traitors. † This commercial portrays a few age old stereotypes of blacks, and some fairly new black American stereotypes. First, the stereotype of the highly sexually aggressive black ale comes into play when the black man clearly checks out the black woman’s behind. Although this stereotype is common among young male adults of all races in American culture, it reinforces the overlapping historical stereotype of the sexually aggressive black man. In addition, this ad depicts the relatively new stereotype of the single black female mother. In 2000, the percentage of black single mothers reached 62 percent (Raspberry). In lower class black families, the percentage is even higher. Another stereotype that exists in this commercial is the defiant, insubordinate black hill. With increased exposure to ghetto customs due to pop culture, black children have been stereotyped as being disobedient and unruly. Especially now that ghetto culture is being glorified in pop culture, black children could potentially feel the need to fit this â€Å"positive† stereotype and act in accordance to what is expected of them in this society. This stereotype is especially detrimental to young black males because that culture places a negative connotation on academic success, and at such a crucial point in one’s life, it can be unfavorable for these adolescents to accept this reconciled notion of unruliness and petty criminal activity. You read "Media Portrayal of Blacks in an Ever-Changing Society" in category "Papers" Priming in the Music Industry It is quite clear to anyone who watches MAT or follows the hip-hop scene that the major themes presented in the songwriting and music videos are the following: making money, having sexual (and sometimes violent) relations with women, doing drugs, Ana Delve Involved In criminal actively Rap music, wanly was primarily created in the Bronx by blacks and Latino, â€Å"became the cry of ghetto pain and ultimately their great hope for a way out. † Evidently, MAT focuses on the hip-hop genre to be the rug of its music videos and television shows. Because hip-hop is undisputed governed largely by black rappers who weave tales of the difficulty of ghetto life, gaining money through drug/gang related activities, and sexually exploiting women, MAT is priming its audiences of millions of teens to associate hip-hop and the ghetto life with black people. It is necessary to skew slightly off topic but stay relevant to my original question by making the bold assertion that MAT plays a large part in maintaining and promoting the racial differences between blacks and the rest of the American community that eave existed for centuries. In the article Predicting Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Gangs Rap, it is stated that â€Å"a number of prominent African American leaders, the National Black Women’s Political Caucus, and eminent African American scholars have been highly vocal in their outrage over the music (industry), labeling it as racially popularizing and, ultimately self destructive† (Hansen). Teens are the single most suggestible age group, and are inclined to emulate popular icons based not only on their accomplishments in their certain field, but also their apparent inference, which the majority of teens tend to lack based on social norms and biological changes. There has been a history of arrests in the hip-hop world among the most prominent artists in the genre, including Ill Wayne and Outpace Shaker (Martinez). Both were sentenced for involvement in criminal activity. These celebrities should not be emulated for their involvement in crime, but since their entire image is based around this lifestyle, it makes teens think delinquency is acceptable or even admired. This long standing stereotype of the black criminal is only being reinforced y MAT and the hip-hop genre, which promotes criminal activity and the mistreatment of women, as well as primes the public to perceive lower class blacks as involved in crime. Ultimately, commercials prime us to subconsciously digest racial stereotypes, and many times we do not realize it simply because of our inherent and ingrained beliefs about certain cultures. These specific cases reveal how priming is still used to stereotype black culture in advertisements even though we live in a time where egalitarian norms have made it unfavorable to appear prejudiced. The Power of Implicit Racial Messages The crux of my question lies within the theory of implicit racial appeals. How is it that the media can influence the public through racial messages in a society where the norm is to reject any form of racial segregation? According to A Theory of Racial Appeals, whites will accept implicit racial messages if two circumstances are presented. They want to appear to be completely color blind and not reveal their inherent prejudices to society, but they also wish to remain above blacks as a culture in society. While these circumstances can be argued to be true or false on an individual level, they remain true as a whole for the white population in America. Many people also feel that it is unacceptable to think of oneself as a racist, which contradicts their wish to keep blacks down in society. Implicit racial messaging mainly occurs in politics, where the Job of politicians is to code words and phrases in order to Innocence. In one Instance, In a 1 House Tate auto Violent creme Control, Republicans argued against a piece of legislation granting money for a midnight basketball program meant to offer inner city youths recreational activities. Republicans mockingly argued that â€Å"hugs for thugs† was not necessary for these youths. Democrats ended up charging the Republicans as being racist, and using coded language in the bill an implicit racial message, designed to influence the decision in their favor (Hurwitz). The Power of Explicit Racial Messages Just as implicit racial messages influence by using encoded language to reveal the underlying racial implication, explicit racial messages need not use code words or phrases to veil its fundamental inference. Essentially, the point of an explicit racial usage is to make a clear statement that points out an obvious claim that would be considered racist among the majority of the population. One way explicit racial messaging is used in the media is through comedy shows such as Family Guy and South Park. In one episode of Family Guy, a black man and a white man are in a bowling alley, and the black man mentions how he â€Å"feels a strange satisfaction when the black ball knocks over the self righteous white pins. † The white man responds that it is not the white pins’ fault for being self righteous because the black ball is in their neighborhood uninvited. The black man then responds that the black ball has done nothing wrong, to which the white man responds that if the black ball is innocent it has nothing to fear. This type of comedy is considered an explicit racial message, about how a group of whites are stereotypically uncomfortable and unwelcoming to a black person who enters into the vicinity. In addition, it demonstrates how whites believe that blacks are always up to no good. This type of messaging is considered detrimental in a serious tone, yet only considered crass or crude when presented in a comedic light. This type of message indeed primes the audience to consider stereotypes when observing the media presented. The Importance of Our Cultural Backgrounds While it is clear that priming is used in the media to influence the public perception, many believe that these subtle influences are wrong. Many people believe that cultural priming shows racial differences in a negative light, and that the media should make sure that race or culture does not come into play when advertising. However, different cultures make life more colorful, and our differences should be celebrated, not shunned. One’s cultural heritage is something to be proud f, not hidden or masked. In the case of the Aunt Jimmie maple syrup, a black person should not be offended that a black mother like figure is the logo of a company. History is history, and even if the company came out and explicitly stated that the intention of this logo is to represent a motherly figure that was commonplace in the American south during the nineteenth century, why should anyone be mad? That is like saying that a pizzeria is prejudiced for having a ceramic statue of a man with a moustache and an olive complexion holding a pizza outside the restaurant. People would be celebrating their culture heritage and their cultural history, not trying to pretend the bad or embarrassing parts did not occur. While many people argue that equality is what our founding fathers based our declaration of independence on, it can be argued that our society has become too sensitive when it comes to race and culture. The media has been attacked numerous times for not being â€Å"sensitive† enough toward certain groups. It Is now commonplace to read In ten news Tanat a reporter was fired for saying â€Å"lynching,† or a politically incorrect term is being banned from television and print. Conclusion Ultimately, there is not one answer to explain why priming is still used to stereotype black culture in American media when we live in a time where egalitarian norms have made it unfavorable to appear prejudiced. However, if we forget these stereotypes or any other cultural stereotype due to the increasingly exaggerated sensitivity and politically correctness we as Americans seem to have adopted, we will lose a part of history that has had great significance in who we are today, how we live and how far we have come as a society in accepting or rejecting certain customs. How to cite Media Portrayal of Blacks in an Ever-Changing Society, Papers

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The Illiad Essay Research Paper The IlliadHomerHomer free essay sample

The Illiad Essay, Research Paper The Illiad Homer Homer is one of the greatest authors ; his plants have action, love affair, war, friendly relationship, and much more. Since, Homers Hagiographas are non in English the Grecian non-speaking bulk of us rely on people to interpret or construe his plants for us. The job with that is everyone has their ain reading of what home run is stating, and non merely that but their ain manner of seting it into words. Chapman, Gladstone, Graves, Fitzgerald are merely to call a few of the many intelligent work forces that have chosen to construe Homers Hagiographas. Each one in their ain clip period had their ain alone manner in interpreting home run s Hagiographas. Chapman is one of the earliest authors from this group of work forces. You can state this by the spelling of his words. You truly have to sound it out and think what he is mentioning excessively. We will write a custom essay sample on The Illiad Essay Research Paper The IlliadHomerHomer or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I besides noticed that he jumped right into the conflict, non stating us the beginning of the narrative and how it began similar Graves and Fitzgerald had in their interlingual renditions. He was straight to the point but I didn t find him apprehensible like I did with the other authors, this may hold to make with the fact that this was written in the 1500 s. I understand that Chapman was a really intelligent adult male and a g reat author but his diction merely didn T seem to do sense to me and I couldn t truly experience what he was speaking about. With Gladstone s interlingual rendition it was reasonably much the same information, no debut like Graves and Fitzgerald, but the spelling was right so there wasn T any thinking being done, and a batch more clearer. He was stating the same things as Chapman but his words were simpler, and more apprehensible. Graves and Fitzgerald s interlingual renditions seemed a batch more descriptive than Chapman s and Gladstones. I was really visualizing the conflict in my head. The descriptive words were really good. As Graves negotiations about the bright sunshine glistening on the weaponries and adorned armour, I can see it in my head. That is the key to a great author. What besides helped was the debut in both these authors interlingual renditions, this was non given in neither Chapman s nor Gladstone s. The lone job I saw with Grave s interlingual rendition is that it was merely merely excessively short. There should hold been more written. This is where Fitzgeralds interlingual rendition comes in. I feel it was clear, it had a nice beat to it, great item, and a batch of information. Therefore Fitzgerald s interlingual rendition was the most effectual to me. It had everything that the other authors had lacked.

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How to Write an Expository Essay Step by Step

Have you been given an assignment to write an expository essay? Do you struggle with writing this type of essay? You have come to the right spot! Read the article below, which offers you a set of step by step guidelines to help you write an outstanding expository essay. Quick Links 1. What is an Expository Essay? 2. Types of Expository Essay 2.1 Comparison 2.2 Descriptive 2.3 Cause and Effect 2.4 Problem and Solution 3. How to Write an Expository Essay 3.1 Expository Essay Topics 3.1.1 Expository Essay Topics for Middle Level 3.1.2 Rewarding Expository Essay Topics for High School Students 3.2 Prewriting 3.3 Drafting 3.4 Revise your Essay 3.5 Edit your Essay 3.6 Expository Essay Outline 3.7 Give Evidence, not Claims 3.8 Conclude Your Essay with Perfection 4. Expository Essay Examples 5. Essay Writing Service 1. What is an Expository Essay The term expository means to explain something in detail. In this type of essay, a specific topic is researched and then explained. All claims in this kind of an essay must be backed with solid proof. It may sound like a simple task, but it requires effort to produce a coherent and effective paper just like an argumentative essay. When such an essay is given to the students they usually end up fretting over it. That is worse thing that you all can probably do. The best way to handle such a situation is to relax and go through the steps that are essential in writing an expository essay. Keep on reading as we get you through this!! 2. Types of Expository Essay Here are the four types of expository essay formats that are commonly used: 2.1 Comparison The title of your essay explains the purpose of your piece. A comparison or contrast essay involves looking at two objects or ideas and analyzing them on the basis of their similarities or differences 2.2. Descriptive In a descriptive essay, you must provide a detailed explanation of an object, event, or a person. This type of essay provides the writer with room for creative freedom. You have a variety of topics to choose and work from in descriptive essays. 2.3. Cause and Effect Cause and effect essays require an analysis of an object or process. Analysis is the most crucial aspect of writing a cause and effect essay and requires critical thinking skills and able writing. These essays examine the impact of other people or events on something in the world. 2.4. Problem and Solution Problem and solution papers are what many think of as the typical academic assignment. In this type of expository essay, problems are identified and stated, and possible solutions are discussed. You must shed light on a problem, and propose a valid solution for it. For this, you can hire an essay writer. 3. How to Write an Expository Essay First things first, you have to pick out an interesting topic. Once you have chosen an intriguing topic, proceed to build a structure of the essay. Why? If you want to know how to write an expository essay, it is of utmost importance for you to follow the proper structure. Organizing helps you to work efficiently and to create a more coherent and structured paper . 3.1 Expository Essay Topics Below is a list of unique expository essay topics that can help you to grab top grades from your instructor. 3.1.1 Expository Essay Topics for Middle Level Discuss the strong point of view of your character. What are your suggestions on time management? 3.1.2 Rewarding Expository Essay Topics for High School Students Does money make you an egotistical and self-centered person? How do you describe love? The key to writing an effective essay is finding the topic that fits your interests. Essay is a genre in which many things can be covered. If you want to look at more options, here is our blog that has a list of 50+ expository essay topics. 3.2 Prewriting To start an expository essay, choose a topic first. For choosing the perfect topic, brainstorm different ideas that interest you and create an extensive list. Select the topic that interests and inspires you and start your research. Create a rough outline for your essay by mentioning every main point that is going to be discussed in each paragraph. Keep your outline organized and closely knitted. 3.3 Drafting Now that you have some research material on your topic, create a rough draft of your essay. To start an expository essay, the most important component is to focus on the thesis statement. A thesis statement indicates the main point of the essay and what is going to be discussed further in it. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence highlights the main point of the paragraph. Each body paragraph should have a different topic sentence. That means that each body paragraph should discuss and cover a different and single idea. Do not try to cram it with multiple ideas and topics, it will only disrupt your essay's structure. Restate your thesis statement with supporting evidence in the conclusion of your essay. Make sure that you do not introduce any new information here. It is your essay's closure, not an opportunity to introduce a new idea. Crafting an outline is an essential part of writing your essay. It will help you learn how to outline your essay and what your introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs should look like. 3.4 Revise your Essay Once you have created a rough draft of your essay, revise it thoroughly. Keep the following points in your mind while you are checking your essay. Is your essay written with an unbiased analysis? Are the facts and examples relevant to the topic of the essay? Is the information clearly written and communicated to the readers? Are there any unnecessary details included in the essay? Is the entire content of the essay focused on the topic? Are there strong transition words being used in the body paragraphs? Is there a smooth flow between the body paragraphs? Is the conclusion correlating with the supporting details mentioned in the essay? If your essay is written according to these parameters, then you have composed a strong expository essay. 3.5 Edit your Essay Now you are almost done with your essay. Don't forget to proofread your essay before you submit it. No matter how strong and detailed content you have added in your essay. If there are grammatical mistakes in it, the whole rhythm of your essay will be ruined. 3.6 Expository Essay Outline An expository essay structure, like all essays is comprised of three fundamental parts: Introduction Body Paragraphs Conclusion Establish a strong connection between these parts to make a solid structure. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements that are necessary for writing process of the expository essay and follow the guidelines of your instructor. Always read the essay before giving it in to ensure maximum success. 3.7 Give Evidence, not Claims This type of essay requires strong and accurate evidence. Follow the basics of a process essay to ensure success. Simply making claims will weaken the effectiveness of your essay. Read the following example to understand how important evidence can be in making your argument convincing. Ordinary Claim: It is surely a fact that listening to loud music can impair hearing. Claim with Evidence: It is a fact that listening to loud music can impair hearing, as per a research study conducted at the American Psychological Center in 2017. 3.8 Conclude Your Essay with Perfection Most of the students consider the conclusion paragraph to be a simple summary of the evidence provided in the essays. Students are rarely aware of how important a conclusion can be to the effectiveness of an academic essay. 4. 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The Tragedy Of Macbeth Essays - Characters In Macbeth, Free Essays

The Tragedy Of Macbeth Essays - Characters In Macbeth, Free Essays The Tragedy of Macbeth The Tragedy of Macbeth is plagued with the images that coincide with its many themes. Although there is really no central theme and all seem to intermingle, it would be extremely difficult to research the play in its entirety. Therefore, I've chosen to focus my study towards the recurring image of blood and how it's presence affected both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and the eventual outcome of the play. The blood images in the play had different effects on the two. But perhaps the most noticeably affected person would be Lady Macbeth. It was after the death of Duncan that most of the repercussions took place, however, she began making references to blood even before the murder. In her pleading to the spirits, she prayed, "Make thick my blood (Act I.Scene v.line 43)" in order that she may not feel any "remorse" by her future action. She sees her thin blood as a weakness in her character and wishes it to be richer (thicker) with the qualities of courage, bravery and even emotional strength which that of a man might have. For a time these demands seemed as if they had actually been answered. Not even after the murder of Duncan or Banquo did she lose her composure, in fact, she actually kept her husband from losing his mind. Eventually, though, her granted desire appeared to wear off and her naturally thin blood began to flow through her veins again. The pressure of her guilty conscious had driven her to insanity. As she expresses in her sleepwalking state, this guilt is felt due to the presence of Duncan's blood. Out, damned spot! Out I say! One: Two: why, then 'tis 2. time to do't. Hell is murky. Fie, my lord, fie! A soldier, and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our pow'r to accompt? Yet who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him (V.i.34-39)? It is easily seen how she has lost total control of her mind. For she jumps from topic to topic and in her jumbled thoughts has incriminated herself without even knowing it. She even experiences a hallucination as to the blood of Duncan which had once been on her hand. "Here's the smell of blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh (V.i.49-51)!" It is actually a sort of irony that her weakness in character (thinness of her blood) could not bear the strength of guilt brought upon her by the presence of Duncan's blood. This fact proves to be her downfall for it ultimately drives her to take her own life. Macbeth is the next character upon which the image of blood took its toll. However, its effect was the exact opposite on Macbeth than on his wife, for he immediately felt a guilty conscious and was often being emotionally pulled together by his wife. As time went on though it became easier for him to kill and he grew emotionally stronger while his wife got progressively weaker. Once Macbeth had committed his first crime against Scotland, he instantly felt the effects of his deed. The overwhelming state of fear, anxiety and skittishness that set in can easily be seen in 3. these lines. Whence is that knocking? How is't with me, when every noise appalls me? What hands are here? Ha! They pluck out mine eyes! Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red (II.iii.56-62). Lady Macbeth, maintaining her calmness, guides her husband through his infirmness, as they prepare to explain their deed. For the time they had appeared successful and Duncan's murder had been pushed to the back of Macbeth's mind; once again he was prepared to murder, even his best friend Banquo. Having directly conspired the death of his close friend, the effects of savagely spilt blood were about to hit. Macbeth, in his hallucination, sees his deceased friend's ghost with twenty trenched gashes on his head. Again Macbeth's state of fear sets in. "Avaunt! and quit my sight! Let the earth hide thee! Thy bones are marrowless, thy

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Rehtorical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rehtorical analysis - Essay Example The impact that the image has on the target audience by virtue of the ethos that oozes out of it is indeed amazing and noteworthy. There is no denying the fact that in the last decade, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did happen to be one of the most fashionable and talked about couple in the world. Thereby the strategy of Vogue to tag the fashionable aura of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with the discernibly fashion associated credentials of the magazine has loaded the image with much credibility and believability. The target audience simply cannot help taking the image with all the due credibility, veracity and appeal that it commands. The image with the sense of grace and sophistication it carries when juxtaposed with the background text mentioning Vogue did indeed bring out much substance and reliability. Besides the placement of the image of their daughter North, embossed on the larger image does bring in a familial element and appeal to the image. The message that it does try to c onvey is that yes it is indeed possible to be a family person and yet be fashionable. This extends the appeal of the issue beyond its conventional audience to a clientele that is family oriented and somewhat prosaic as the subtext in the image mentions, â€Å"Kim & Kanye: Their fashionable life and surreal times.† The image no way lacks in pathos coefficient as it also impresses the audience with the emotional appeal that it carries. Everybody likes to be fashionable and almost many people love children. Thereby, frankly speaking no matter how glamorous or celebrity a person may be, still the fact that one is a parent does accrue much emotional backing to one. In that context the image of their daughter North juxtaposed on their romantic image in which the two of them are fashionably dressed and are coalesced in a romantic embrace is poised to eke out the emotions of even the most unfashionable and prosaic of a family person. The placement of the image of